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Badazz Bombshell

One-hour action TV

A thick-skinned real estate agent with a special gun and super-immunity defends a hideout of diverse people with the same natural healing powers from a rogue scientist determined to harvest their genes.


Amber Dawn aka “Badazz Bombshell” is a real estate agent in Kansas City, Missouri. She has a natural immunity to almost all diseases because of a unique gene in her body that produces an unusually high number of T-Killer cells. These cells are infection fighting cells and are the bodies main defense against disease.

A desperate attempt is underway to save the world from a spreading contagion that threatens to end humanity as we know it. A medical study is being conducted on a small group of people who have this rare T-Killer mutation.

But, when the subjects learn that the testing is actually “harvesting” their genes and killing them they escape and take up refuge inside a nearby warehouse.

That’s when Kansas City becomes ground zero to save all life on earth. These people must be protected for humanity to survive. Amber is joined by her love interest Josh, her long-lost sister Tara, Smitty the pilot, and a colorful group of freedom fighters determined to create a new social structure and civilization.

And at the end of the first season the reward for the viewer will be more than just action. It will reveal Amber’s secret to world peace, and her amazing plan to attain it. But right now the bad girl is coming.

And, there’s only one person who can stop her —

Badazz Bombshell

“You load. I shoot.”